Welcome to Cubanitos Havanese! Central Florida Havanese Puppy Breeder

We are Havanese owners in Hollywood, Florida and a hobby breeder. I have been involved with the breed for over 12 years and am the Vice President of the Independent Havanese Club. Our wonderful, amazing Havanese dogs live in our home with us sharing our beds, our couches and our life. Each one has it's own wonderrful distinct personality and unless you've experienced life with a Havanese you could not possibly understand. I never would have believed to live in a house full of little dogs - but I do, and love most every minute of it!

Please look through our pages and get to know our furbabies. The Havanese breed is not right for everyone but if it's right for you it will be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself!

We are totally smitten and I think you will be too. We are constantly updating our page as our babies grow so come back often and if you find any broken links please let us know, we are permanently under construction!